Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Assessing the Blog Posts of My Students

I have to assess the blog posts of my students so that they will be accountable, otherwise, they will produce awful work. I want the blogs to be a change from the usual, traditional "chalk and talk" method of teaching math. I want to use blogs to:
  • give students practice at being more reflective (so I'll have to use questions from Bloom's level 6)
  • give students practice at being better writers i.e. write with clarity and precision, while not using extraneous words and finding their writing style.
  • students will be allowed to create a blog with their peers, 3 students pre blog max, so as to have them collaborate and to reduce my marking.
  • I will tell them to be brief, get to the point; questions will need answers of at most 5 sentences, like the Communications questions I give on tests.
So here is the marking scheme for each posting:
  1. one mark for for a post that is sufficiently clear and precise i.e I understand what point you're trying to make
  2. one mark for backing up any and all claims with a fact/example/reference such as a hyperlink
  3. 1 mark for not using extraneous words, extraneous phrases, or chatspeak like "btw" or "on the other hand".
These will be worth 5% of your term communications mark.

What do you think?

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