Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Test of ThinkFree

I have created a Word doc in ThinkFree, an online Office Suite. I'd like to introduce it to my students so that they can collaborate on their ISUs. That is, with only 1 working draft, they won't waste time on doing work that their partner will reject. They'll always know what the other is doing.

Btw, to put a TF Calc graph into TF Doc, highlight the graph by a LC, then choose Edit->Copy, then go to Doc and RC->paste.

Here, I'm testing if I can post the "published url" that ThinkFree gives me when I PUBLISHED (i.e. make the doc publicly viewable):
Go here for my doc.

And when I use PRIVATE, using the only url given,
go here

And when I use SHARE, using the only url given,
go here.

All links work.
publish== using the "published url", anyone can power edit right in the browser window, without signing in to TF and without downloading my document. Must sign in to download.

private== using the only url given, anyone can download, but not edit on web; can edit once downloaded.

shared== using the only url given, allows one to download, share, quick edit, publish.

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