Tuesday, July 18, 2006

To Do List

  • re-write schedule for grade 9 math course
  • re-write schedule for grade 12 math course
  • tell KR of what I plan on doing with the social software (she teaches the other class of the same course)
  • read board's internet use policy
  • read the school's internet use policy
  • decide what social software the students will use and the order to demonstrate it
      • Firefox
      • blogger or blogmeister
      • bloglines
        • including search feeds and news feeds for ISU
      • del.ici.ous & Diigo (for bookmarking and organization of blog entries)
      • Wetpaint Wiki
      • Flickr and Flickr Toys --create a private group account??
      • BubbleShare
      • Jumpcut (make movies for calculators)
      • ThinkFree Office for their ISUs
  • decide what regular software the students will use
      • Excel (this is a given for the course)
      • smarttech?
      • tree diagram from DS5
  • determine marking scheme for the use of social software
  • write letters to parents explaining use and purpose of use of social software
  • develop and write "Responsible Blogging Guidelines" for students
  • develop checklist for the ISUs
  • create exemplar for an ISU
  • develop feedshake filters (read the site here)

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teacher dude said...

You might want to check out this wikispace for teaching ideas.



Frank said...

Hi Teacher Dude!
I have already looked at and bookmarked that site, but thank you anyway! :) We have already communicated. I think the last time I emailed you, it was with my dialect name "Franje", which I use for my other blog.

I have commented on the blog of one of your students. Do let us know of any other student blogs.